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What is acoustic anti-resonance technology?

This name is given to the sophisticated technology developed by Artesania Audio leaded by José Luis Lafarga and his team.
This innovative technology has been applied to the hand-made equipment manufactured by Artesanía Audio over the last 20 years.

What is the objective?

The ultimate objective in our products is absolute neutrality in sound reproduction. To obtain our goal, we apply our technology to isolate all the electronic components that are installed on the Artesanía Audio Racks from any type of external vibration that could influence their performance. Whether they are active or passive components, they benefit from the level of isolation provided by our racks.

Why is necessary to isolate?

The best performance of a sound reproducing system can only be achieved if each of its components is working at its full potential. There are many factors that can be detrimental to the sound quality of electronic equipment, and our studies have demonstrated, that external vibration is one if not the most important degrading factor for the musical performance of every piece of sound equipment.
Sensitive equipment, dealing with low level signals is the most vulnerable to their effect. For example, in analog rigs, vibration contamination plays a major role. Cartridges pick up music information form vinyl's grooves, which are on the micron range. Depending on the quality of the turntable, the unwanted vibrations can be only an order of magnitude lower, making the cartridges to generate a signal with noise and important lack of fidelity.
On equipment with sensitive electronics, their effect is critical on its precision. Structural motion of elements inside circuits, capacitors or valves, at a given frequency in the audio range, interacts with the electrical current flow creating non-wanted information, cross-talk, timing inaccuracy (jitter), increased noise floor and other nasty effects to the signal.

How does vibration reach the equipment?

Even if sound equipment is constantly being improved and enhanced, it cannot guarantee by itself the prevention of external vibrations reaching it critical parts. It is inherent to the physics involved on the vibration transmission. In a listening room, loudspeakers are the main source of those vibrations, an energy that reaches the audio equipment by means of three paths:
  • Air borne transmission
Sound is a vibration of the air molecules that propagates at 344m/s, creating pressure differences in space and time. These vibrations impact with the system's components and transfer part of its energy and make them vibrate at the frequency given by the sound information.
  • Solid transmission
Loudspeakers, as a consequence of the principle of action-reaction of moving air, drain vibration energy into the floor. This energy gets conducted by solid floor elements and reaches the equipment rack, passes through its structure and finally affects the components.
  • Inner generation
Some electronic components are also a source of friction and vibrations that originate in their inner moving mechanisms like in CD players and turntables. Those vibrations not only affect them, but also reach other nearby sensitive equipment.
All this external or internal excitations trigger the natural resonant modes of the equipment's elements, like metal cases or internal electronics, and generates ringing that is prolonged in time, generating further noise distortion and unwanted effects such as humming or buzzing that become part of the overall sound transmitted by the speakers. The intensity of this distortion is often increased by "feedback". Musical sound experiences therefore can be distorted considerably.

What are the results and how they are achieved?

Since its very foundation, Artesanía Audio has aimed to obtain materials and design products that either prevent or eliminate external causes of alterations and distortions in sound. At the same time, the company aims to prevent or reduce noise generated in the actual sound equipment, with the overall objective of achieving musical reproduction that is clean, balanced, lineal and neutral.
With this is in mind, the company has always taken into consideration the most up to date studies in acoustic technology and vibration analysis of technical systems. This, together with continual experimentation and innovation, has allowed the company to develop sophisticated technology, which we call acoustic anti-resonance treatment.
The Acoustic anti-resonance treatment focuses in eliminating the solid transmission paths of vibrations and effectively damping the ones that are created in the components by air borne transmission or inner generation. Our highly engineered equipment racks and accessory products effectively accomplish their purpose thanks to the incorporation of our Acoustic anti-ressonance treatment, that specifically:
  • Eliminates the "chime" effect (from vibrations) that is common with metal racks and units that do not incorporate our technology. Our tubular metal structures are filled with material of different masses and elastomers that are capable of absorbing vibrations.
  • Eliminates resonance from the shelves (passive modulation) and horizontal movement. Our shelves are made from a double layer of pressed glass "sandwiched" together and supported by isolating polyamide discs and neoprene pads for maximum absorption and block. In turn, the discs are supported on steel pins that rest on the metal shelving
  • Eliminates vibrations that are transmitted from solid and acoustic sources through the creation of decouples; steel needles supported on isolating discs. These provide extra tiers of anti-resonant protection. Depending upon the model, we install a double or triple decoupling stages; the suspended audio rack has a triple decoupling.
  • Eliminates the Larsen effect produced by feedback from external vibrations that get into the reproduced signal over and over again.
  • Reduces the "rumble" effect. Dull and prolonged sounds produced by parasitic vibrations from digital or analogical front ends as a result of shock absorption defects or the suspension of motors and other mechanisms.
  • Substantially reduces "jitter" produced in digital equipment due to a lack of stability in the CD drive mechanisms, as well as the precision of the clocks.
  • Some of our accessories (anti-magnetic dampers) eliminate interference brought about by radio and electro-magnetic waves, as well as damping vibrations from the chassis of the components, an energy that will be later transmitted to the inside sensitive parts.
  • The effect of this treatment is to reduce (up to 80-90% depending upon the unit) the lowest frequencies (that have the widest range and longest waves) transforming their resonance point into higher frequencies (lower in terms of range and wavelength) that do not affect the listening experience.
The overall result of using this unique treatment in our products is the elimination of inter-modulation distortion (originating in vibrations) in electronics, especially in digital and analog systems.
The application of this technology to the design and production of Artesanía-audio units and racks, results in a controlled listening experience that is dynamic and clean; free of background reverberations and unwanted noise that mask the true sound.
Each one of our products incorporates its own unique characteristics as described in our catalogue and on this website.
The Artesanía Audio products effectively reduce resonance and achieve a neutral sound as a result. In addition, the suspended rack units, with their unique double structure and smart design that excludes the need for fixed shelves, incorporate innovative technology that is unique to our brand at a world level. The elimination of the shelves reduces the impact of air borne vibrations and a source of vibration contamination to the components.

The guarantee of our satisfied customers

The Artesanía Audio products are accessories that improve the quality of sound beyond all doubt.
They provide a huge leap in terms of other accessories that you may have tried (filters, connection decks, electronic components etc.) that often have a much higher price tag that our specially treated units. The thousands of users around the globe that have bought our products are our best form of publicity and speak highly of the improvements they have achieved in their sound installations.
On our webpage, in reviews, you will find opinions of many reports from specialized magazines as well.

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