What is acoustic anti-resonance technology?

This name is given to the sophisticated technology developed by Artesania Audio led by José Luis Lafarga and his team. This innovative technology has been applied to the hand-made equipment manufactured by Artesanía Audio over the last 20 years.

What is the objective?

The ultimate objective for our products is absolute neutrality in sound reproduction. To obtain our goal, we apply our technology to isolate all the electronic components that are installed on the Artesanía Audio Racks from any type of external vibration that could influence their performance. Whether they are active or passive components, they benefit from the level of isolation provided by our racks.

In the new Organic Line, this goal was achieved with the introduction of low resonance materials, like Krion, Panzerholz wood, and elastomer, with a magic synergy between them. New times and new designs with different and better materials.